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Cybersecurity is a Helping Profession

Cybersecurity is a Helping Profession

Almost all “helping professions” come with low salaries that often don’t provide workers with the ability to support themselves, let alone their families. What’s more important than child care, teaching, and caring for the sick and elderly? And what jobs come with the lowest compensation levels? The value given to human beings and compensation for providers seem to be inversely correlated.

Cybersecurity work may be the best compensated among all the helping professions. We who work in the field don’t usually realize that we’re in a helping profession, but that’s precisely what it is. When I speak with my peers in the industry about what keeps them there, it’s clear that they are passionate about making the lives of their customers and colleagues better, easier, and safer. The money makes it possible to concentrate on doing our jobs.

We are incredibly fortunate.